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Courses include our flagship "Applied Creativity: The Future of Work" and the "Career Transition Mastery Series."

Finally, membership also includes a complimentary copy of the "Midlife Career Transitions Through Creative Intelligence" ebook, which is designed as your step-by-step guide as you walk through the tricky and emotional process of significant career transitions.

  • Monthly Open Office Hours

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    These sessions on the 1st Friday of every month at noon ET offer an opportunity to receive expert advice, troubleshoot challenges, and gain insights tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're seeking career guidance, feedback on projects, or strategies for growth, our open office hours offer invaluable support to accelerate your professional development journey.

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    A comprehensive repository of insights, tools, and strategies to fuel members' career growth and creative pursuits. Dive into topics like Creative Thinking, Applied Creativity, Career Transitions, and more, empowering you to unlock your full potential and live a joyful, purposeful life.

Your Coach

All courses, live trainings and open office hours are hosted by:

Veronica Scarpellino

Creativity + Innovation Coach

Veronica Scarpellino, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF and Board Certified Coach (BCC), stands at the forefront of creativity and career evolution. With over 20 years of immersive experience and formal coaching, she specializes in guiding professionals through transitions, emphasizing the transformative potential of creative thinking.

At the helm of Goldfinch Leadership, Veronica spearheads the Applied Creativity initiative, which consistently yields remarkable results. Participants experience an average increase of 20% in their creative thinking skills under Veronica's guidance.

Her approach is both unique and effective, grounded in a blend of conceptual and analytical expertise. By seamlessly bridging the gap between traditionally creative and analytical domains, Veronica makes creativity accessible and impactful for individuals from all backgrounds.

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Goldfinch Leadership's Creative Career Mastery Center is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their creative thinking skills, navigate career transitions, and achieve professional growth.

This includes entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, and career transitioners looking to leverage creativity in their work and life.

  • CAREER TRANSITIONS: New or growing roles, career pivots, retirement or encore career planning

  • GROW CREATIVE THINKING: Reclaim the passion in the face of the grind

  • INSPIRE OTHERS: Lean into your ability to lead with a vision and inspire others

"Creative thinking can change people.

And creative people can change the world." ™